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Behind the Broadcom-Accenture Deal of Cyber Security Services (CSS)

Focusing on the Future

It is cliché to point out that business is all about change. But as we’ve seen over the years, the most successful companies are the ones that pivot in new directions to best meet the needs of their customers. Nowhere is that more true than in the cyber security industry.

Broadcom’s recent announcement of the sale of its Symantec’s Cyber Security Services (CSS) business inclusive of Managed Security Services, DeepSight? Intelligence, Incident Response and Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence, to Accenture Security offers a practical demonstration of that thinking.

Managed security services providers need to excel in cyber security, a critical business imperative for all organizations, no matter their industry or geographic location. With the acquisition of CSS, Accenture, already a global provider of managed security services, is adding extraordinary new capabilities to help organizations rapidly anticipate, detect and respond to global cyber threats.

With a relentless focus on innovation, Symantec built up CSS - to include a market-leading set of security services assets to protect customers from threat actors old and new. We built something unmatched anywhere.

This is a great marriage where each partner gets to concentrate on what it does best. Accenture was born out of the professional services and consulting industry. With the addition of CSS, Accenture Security vaults to the front of the line when it comes to offering customers a set of unparalleled managed security services. At the same time, it allows Broadcom, whose core is very much that of a product company, to double down on the Symantec Enterprise Division’s portfolio including Endpoint, Web, Information and Identity Security and what we do best: developing great technologies. That’s why this deal between Broadcom and Accenture Security makes so much sense for both partners.

The outcome is a win for everyone, but especially CSS customers, who benefit from the distinct services focus that Accenture provides. Indeed, Accenture will shift more investment into CSS services.

Fighting cyber crime requires a divide and conquer – and Broadcom and Accenture will continue to focus on equipping customers with the best protection possible.  Accenture and Broadcom will be able to invest and lead in parallel – and both deliver the awesome protection organizations  have come to expect.

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